Bill Gatchell

Bill Gatchell

Internationally Acclaimed

Master Instructor

Bill Gatchell a former Canada Games gold medalist, internationally ranked competitor & coach with 4x top trainer awards and recipient of the prestigious “40 under Forty” for his invaluable contributions to charity and the community.

Founder and CEO of 100% Martial Arts & Fitness studios;

Bill is a 7th dan in Japanese Jiu Jitsu, a Brazilian black belt Professor with the the highly accredited Brazilian Top Team Canada, as well as an elite Kickboxing head coach and certified Defensive Tactics trainer for military, law enforcement & security personnel.

Bill Gatchell “Kyoshi”, master teacher, spends his time innovating and improving the “Kanzenbudo” training systems, sharing this experience around the globe, world renowned for his “energy, enthusiasm and commitment”.


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